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Meet the Dudes

How It All Started

Two best buds, Erik and Anthony, who love coffee decided to start roasting their own. One night, while Anthony was visiting Erik, the pair stayed up all night roasting coffee, chain sipping, roasting some more, and binge-watching every episode of Cobra Kai.


They eventually passed out from exhaustion and caffeine overdoses and slept for hours. When they awoke, they did it all over again, including Cobra Kai.


During their experiments however, Erik developed the perfect concoction and Spice Blend was born! They took turns inhaling the intoxicating aromas wafting from their Ziploc bags filled with coffee bean gold. They drank deeply, they sang off-tune, they sat on a couch and watched Daniel LaRusso and his long time rival Johnny Lawrence fight together to defeat their common enemy, John Kreese.

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