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The First Two Years...

Wow, it's been two years since I've posted anything here! Starting a business is a wild ride, there's so much to it besides just making a product. From legal stuff to sales and marketing (still learning that one), we've been through a lot. Have you seen our new website? It was a pain to update, haha. I try my best to be creative with things like this so it takes a while.

We've even found the perfect spots to sell our products. We're selling coffee drinks and our coffee bags at the local farmers' markets! We switch between Merced and Turlock Farmers Markets on Saturdays. Check our website or social media pages for our monthly calendar. One important thing I would like to mention is you guys have been so kind and supportive, and I love chatting with you all. Sorry if I can't remember your names, but I'll do my best! There's been times where things have been so overwhelming but every weekend I get to listen to the positive comments and they keep my head up. So thank you for that.

We're working on some new stuff behind the scenes, including a new coffee drink for the summer. I promise I won't wait another two years to post again! Hope to see you at the markets!

Stay brewed!!


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